Cambridge Chinese Christian Fellowship

A fellowship of students, located in Cambridge, united in Christ

About Us

Our Identity and Beliefs

The CCCF is an inter-denominational fellowship for all evangelical believers, existing to proclaim the gospel of Christ primarily to students of Chinese origin in and around Cambridge. By our own activities and our efforts to integrate CCCF members into local churches, we seek to prepare members to live for Christ and equip them to proclaim the gospel.

We believe in the sovereignty of God in creation, revelation, redemption and final judgement. We believe in the once and for all redemptive, substitutionary death of Christ, born of a virgin and fully God and fully man, who resurrected and is now the representative only mediator between God and man, an act accompanied by the work and indwelling of the Holy Spirit which makes Christ’s death effective to the individual sinner, granting repentance and faith and empowering the believer. We believe in the divinely inspired, infallible nature of the Holy Scriptures and their supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. We believe in the future return of Jesus Christ to judge justly and receive the redeemed to eternal glory.

For a fuller explanation of our beliefs and identity, refer to our Constitution.

Our Purpose

The CCCF exists to accomplish 3 objectives:


To prepare our members to serve & live for Christ, equip them to proclaim the gospel, while seeking to encourage one another in His love.


To help our members integrate into Christian churches in Cambridge and in their home countries, and to cooperate with those churches and Christian societies, in accordance with the plan of God to unify all believers under Christ (Ephesians 1:10).


To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, primarily to students of Chinese origin in and around Cambridge.

We accomplish this with:

  • Weekly Bible studies in small cell groups across Cambridge
  • Helping students to settle into local churches in Cambridge that they can attend and serve in across their time here
  • Termly combined talks on issues of our daily Christian walk
  • Annual Lunar New Year celebrations open to all

Our History

The CCCF was founded in 1973 as a fellowship for Christians of Chinese origin in Cambridge and to more effectively reach out to non-Christians who came from similar backgrounds. By God’s grace, we have come a very long way since then and have grown as a fellowship in the university. Check out a timeline of our history here!