Cambridge Chinese Christian Fellowship

A fellowship of students, located in Cambridge, united in Christ


Michaelmas 2015 Schedule

CF Monday Meetings

What does faith in serving God mean? Why should we put God first in every area of our lives? How can we be faithful to Him? We explore all these in our Michaelmas series of talks.

Dinner and fellowship start at 7pm. All Monday meetings will be held at Henry Martin Hall , Holy Trinity Church, with the exception of Freshers’ Squash, which will be held at Pembroke New Common Room (BB staircase).

Date Details Speaker
12th Oct Freshers’ Squash (*In Pembroke New Common Room)
19th Oct Break
26th Oct A faithfulness we can’t ignore Calvin Cheah
2nd Nov Break
9th Nov A faithful servant Jonathan Cullen
16th Nov Break
23rd Nov Standing tall and firm in our faith Bartow Wylie
30th Nov Prayer & Praise

CG Friday Meetings

Through the gospel of Matthew, Michaelmas introduces who Jesus is, and what he has said and done, which gives us the reason to live for eternity as we can put our faith in Him. Ask your Cell Group Leaders (CGLs) about the time and venue.

Date Bible passage
9th Oct Matthew 6:19-34
16th Oct Matthew 1:18-2:12
23rd Oct Matthew 8:5-17; 23-34
30th Oct Matthew 16:13-28
6th Nov Break for International Main Event
13th Nov Matthew 24:3-35
20th Nov Matthew 26:1-5; 27:1-2, 27-31,45-54
27th Nov Matthew 27:62-28:20

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